What do Silver Antibacterial Wet Wipes do?
Silver Anti-Bacterial products prevent bacteria growth with a long lasting residual effect which effectively reduces odors while it protects. Unlike bleach based
products which kill on contact but “when they dry they die”
– with NO residual effect. Our Anti-bacteria products are
non hazardous.
How do the products work?
Silver Anti-Bac products contain silver ion, a natural antimicrobial
with high efficacy against over 50 different
organisms including bacteria, mold and fungi. The
technology in Silver Anti-Bac products allow for the silver
to work over an extended period of time.
Silver interferes with the DNA replication process, causing
the germ’s inability to replicate; if a germ can’t replicate,
it can’t spread.
TO DISPENSE WIPES: Remove the lid and discard the inner
seal from canister. Find centre of wipe roll, remove first
wipe for use. Twist corner of the next wipe into a point and
thread through the hole in the canister lid. Pull through
about 25 mm. Replace lid. Disperse remaining wipes as
necessary by pulling out at an angle. When not in use
keep container cap of lid closed to prevent moisture loss.
contact surfaces only: Use a wipe to remove heavy soil.
Unfold a clean wipe and thoroughly wet surface. Treated
surface must remain wet for a full 3 minutes. Use additional
wipe(s) as necessary to assure continuous 3 minutes wet
contact time. Let air dry.